Ep 5 🗽紐約亞裔hate crime事件 å«ŒçŠ¯æ›¾æ–¼20年前弒母

週一早上,65歲的亞裔女性在紐約被毆打。紐約警方已抓到嫌犯,他20 年前因殺害母親而入獄,目前正在假釋之中。 

朗讀內容參考自 New York Times: 完整文章連結 (也有中文報導)
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1. Hate crime (名詞) 仇恨犯罪。

美國法律怎麼定義 hate crime?
A crime, typically one involving violence, that is motivated by prejudice on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or other grounds. 動機基於種族、宗教、性取向等偏見的犯罪,通常涉及暴力。

Bias 偏見、偏心、偏袒
例如 Reporters must be impartial and not show political bias. 新聞記者必須公正,不應有政治偏見。

– Prejudice 偏見、成見、歧視
She had to battle against prejudice to get a job. 她必須與偏見作鬥爭才能找到工作。

Anti-Asian 反亞裔,如報導裡說
Anti-Asian hate crimes have risen sharply during the pandemic, according to police departments across the country. Many of them have been triggered 觸發 by people falsely blaming 歸咎 Asian-Americans for spreading the coronavirus.

報導裡也有提到今年 Anti-Asian hate crime 驟增~
So far this year, the New York Police Department has investigated 33 anti-Asian attacks as hate crimes, exceeding the 28 it investigated in all of last year. Many of the victims in these cases have been middle-aged men and women who were alone on public transit or, like Ms. Kari, on city streets.

Anti- (字首) 反對的意思
如 anti-racism 反種族歧視

Pro- (字首) 支持
如 pro-democracy 支持民主的

2. Assault (名詞) 暴力毆打、攻擊。

Assault-assaulting-assaulted (動詞) 毆打、襲擊、攻擊。
He was seen on security footage brutally assaulting Vilma Kari

Brutally (adverb 副詞) 以非常殘酷暴力的方式
形容詞是 brutal;意思是野蠻的、殘忍的
如這次就是一個 brutal attack (很殘忍暴力的襲擊)

3. Parole (名詞) 有條件釋放,假釋

Parole 的定義是
before the expiry of a sentence 在囚犯期滿前
on the promise of good behavior 承諾保持良好的行為前提下
the temporary or permanent release of a prisoner 暫時或永久釋放囚犯

PS: Parole 是 optional 的

4.  Bystander (名詞) 旁觀者

Given the public nature of these attacks, the actions — or inaction 無行動,不作為 — of bystanders have come under particular scrutiny 仔細審查.

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