Ep 19 🇹🇼 Taiwan Outbreak: åœ‹éš›åª’體報導台灣疫情

台灣案例暴增,許多賣場出現搶購潮,國際媒體是怎麼報導台灣這次的疫情升溫呢?這集分享了 AP , The Guardian, Reuters, Financial Times 以及 Bloomberg Asia 五篇媒體報導片段。

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Covid 相關單字

  • To avoid sounding like a broken record
    為了避免聽起來像壞掉的唱片;一直重複的意思 😄

1. PANDEMIC 全球大流行病

  • 疫情 epidemic
  • Epidemic 是 pandemic 的前身
  • 區域性疫情爆發 → epidemic
  • 已經傳到很多國家 / 全球 → pandemic

2. OUTBREAK (名詞) 發作,爆發

  • virus outbreak 病毒爆發


  • Vaccination 接種疫苗
  • Vaccine 疫苗
  • Quarantine 隔離
  • Infection 感染

PS: 更多 COVID 相關單字,可參考之前的這兩集:
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AP (Associated Press)


  • Success story Taiwan faces its worst outbreak in pandemic成功案例台灣面臨著最嚴重的大流行病爆發
  • The island of Taiwan,
  • which has had enviable success 令人羨慕的成功
  • in containing 控制 COVID-19,
  • imposed new restrictions in its capital city on Saturday 在週六於首都 (台北) 實施了新的限制
  • as it battled its worst outbreak since the pandemic began 來與自大流行病以來台灣最嚴重的爆發奮鬥。
  • Authorities raised the alert level 提高警戒 for Taipei, the capital, 首都
  • and the surrounding area of New Taipei city 還有周邊的新北市.
  • The level 3 alert, which remains in effect for two weeks, 將維持兩週的第三級警戒,
  • requires people to wear a mask outdoors 規定出外都要戴口罩
  • and limits indoor gatherings to five people and outdoor gatherings to 10 people. 限制室內聚會不超過 5 人,室外不超過 10 人

The Guardian


China Airlines 華航 / 長榮 Eva Air

  • The current wave is believed to have jumped to the community from staff at China Airlines and an airport quarantine hotel late last month. 這一波的疫情升溫,目前認為是從上個月底的華航員工以及防疫旅館案例跳到了 jumped to 社區 the community.
  • In the past fortnight 在過去的兩周中
  • at least 265 cases have been diagnosed 至少有265例病例被診斷出
  • – more than 77% of Taiwan’s total number of local cases since the pandemic began. 自大流行病以來,台灣當地病例總數的 77% 以上。

Wanhua district 萬華區;in droves (片語) 大批、大量的

  • Residents of Wanhua, 萬華居民
  • where the outbreak was originally centred around several hostess bars and tea houses linked to the sex work industry, 疫情最初集中在與性工作行業相關的幾家女招待酒吧和茶館附近,
  • have been reporting in droves to rapid testing clinics since Friday. 自周五以來大批的向快篩診所報導
  • Authorities have promised law enforcement has no intention of targeting sex workers or undocumented migrants. 當局承諾,執法部門無意針對性工作者或無證件移民。

PS: 以下 in droves 的延伸解釋,因為這集太長了,完全剪掉,就默默放在這裡 just in case you are interested ðŸ˜„
In droves (片語) 中文意思是大批的、大量的
– 用法跟 in large quantities 類似
– (人) $50 bonus for getting vaccinated brings Montana residents out in droves. Montana 接種疫苗可獲得50美元的獎金那裡的居民都蜂擁出來了
– (動物) Elephants are dying in droves in Botswana. 波札那 (非洲的國家) 大批的大象死亡。



  • panic buying 恐慌購買
  • hoarding 囤積

PS: 以上單字的詳細解釋在 Ep 18 : ⛽ 美國最大輸油管被駭 多州出現 panic buying 加油潮

  • Toilet paper – 廁紙 (一捲, 比較容易分解,所以不會阻塞管線)
  • Tissue 面紙 (盒子,擤鼻涕、擦臉 – 比較不容易分解)
  • 台灣通用衛生紙,所以什麼時候要用 tissue,什麼時候又應該用 toilet paper 呢?
    • 擦嘴/臉/擤鼻涕:Would you like a tissue?
    • 上廁所:There’s some toilet paper by the sink.

President Tsai Ing-wen 蔡英文總統

  • “After more than a year of preparation, 經過了超過一年的準備
  • the country’s anti-pandemic materials, 防疫物資
  • civilian goods 民生用品
  • and raw materials are sufficient, 還有原物料都是充足的
  • and the stores are also operating as usual to replenish goods, 而且店家也照常營業、照常在補充商品

The economy ministry 經濟部 (正式名稱為 Ministry of Economic Affairs,常見縮寫 MOEA)

  • The economy ministry showed pictures of warehouses piled to the ceiling with boxes of instant noodles, 經濟部分享了一些倉庫的照片,照片裡面可以看到一箱一箱的泡麵是堆到了天花板一樣高
  • saying supplies were “like a mountain” 物資供應量像山一樣
  • with plenty of toilet paper and canned food to go round as well. 還有大量的衛生紙和罐頭食品。
  • Plenty to go round 多到每個人都一定會有的 (類似轉一圈,每個人都拿了一個,都還足夠)

Premier Su Tseng-chang 蘇貞昌行政院院長

  • Executive Yuan 行政院
    • Premier of Taiwan
    • President of the Executive Yuan
    • Prime Minister of Taiwan (Wikipedia 說的 – 但 to be honest 我從來沒有看過 / 還沒有看過 😅)
  • Legislative Yuan 立法院
  • Premier Su Tseng-chang made a similar appeal on his Facebook page. 在他的臉書上也發出了類似的呼籲。
  • He triggered amusement early last year, during a previous rush for toilet paper 去年年初,衛生紙搶購潮的時候,他曾經 triggered amusement 觸動了娛樂效果 / 他讓大家覺得有趣
  • people “only have one butthole” 人們“只有一個屁眼”,
  • should calm down. 應該冷靜下來

Financial Times


  • 因為他們是財經媒體,所以會比較 focus on the finance side of things
  • Taiwan’s ability to avoid lockdowns and other restrictions during the pandemic 台灣在大流行病期間避免了封鎖和其他限制
  • has safeguarded the country from the worst of the economic pain experienced elsewhere. 使該國免受了其他地方遭受的最嚴重的經濟痛苦。
  • Its gross domestic product grew about 3 per cent last year, before picking up to 8.2 per cent in the first quarter of 2021, a pace not seen in decades. 台灣的 GDP 國內生產總值去年增長了約3%,然後在2021年第一季度增至8.2%,這是幾十年來未曾見過的速度。
  • In case you are curious (這個我沒有放在朗讀內容裡)
    • Financial Times 說 這樣的成長就要是因為電子產品出口蓬勃發展還有去年海外台灣居民避開其他國家的疫情(尤其是美國)回來台灣所推動的。
  • “As long as we can quickly get things under control and effectively block the spread of the pandemic . . . this year’s economic growth can still be realised as forecast,” “只要我們能夠迅速控制住一切,並有效地阻止大流行病的蔓延。 。 。 今年的經濟增長仍然可以如預期般實現,”



  • Singapore and Taiwan have been seen as the poster children of Covid control success, 新加坡和台灣已被視為Covid控製成功的典範
  • where locals have largely gone about everyday life without fear of infection 當地人大部分日常生活中不必擔心被感染
  • as the virus ravaged most of the world. 同時該病毒正在肆虐全球大部分地區。
  • Taiwan went without a single domestic coronavirus infection between April and December. 在四月到十二月之間,台灣沒有出現任何一個本土感染的情況。
  • The regression of Covid control progress Covid 控制進度的倒退(之前壓下來了,怎麼又回來了的感覺)
    • Regression 倒退、進步了可是又回到之前的境界
  • shows the difficulty of sustaining a virus-free environment, 顯示了維持無病毒環境的困難,
  • especially when a low level of threat made locals reluctant to get vaccinated. 尤其是在威脅程度較低時,當地人不願接種疫苗。
  • In Taiwan, less than 1% people have been inoculated so far, according to the Bloomberg Vaccine Tracker. 根據彭博的疫苗追蹤系統, 在台灣,到目前為止,只有不到1%的人接受了疫苗接種
  • Inoculated / vaccinated 接種

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